Top places to visit in Prague

Top places to visit in Prague 

Often, Prague is also called as the city of thousand spires. This amazing city provides amazing and splendid views. It has the soaring high towers and it is the top-rated architectural gem. If you are planning a vacation and you are considering a place where you will feel like being in heaven then it is high time that you include Prague in your travel list. It has everything which you can desire in your journey and it is surely a place you cannot afford to miss.

Today we are going to tell you about the top places to visit in Spain. We will be talking about the main attractions of Prague and we will also tell you why these places are the best to visit if you are in this beautiful city.

Visit Prague Castle

The amazing Prague Castle is surely included in the top places to visit in Spain. This beautiful Castle was once home to bohemia’s Kings. Today this splendid Castle is the official residence of the Czech Republic president. Along with this, it is also the most visited tourist attraction of Prague. Most of the people who come to Prague come to visit the castle. It is beautiful, splendid and it is indeed an architectural gem that you cannot afford to miss.

Prague Castle was built around 878 AD. Over the course of years, a lot of architectural renovations have happened in this amazing Castle. Its style has been changed and because of it, the castle has borne certain designs and styles. Within the castle walls, tourists will find tons of Prague’s most popular tourist sites which include the Powder Tower, The old royal palace and the Golden Lane as well.

It is said that Prague Castle is the largest Castle Complex in the world. It is so big that you may need 3 to 4 days to properly see this but it’s totally worth it. Over the Vltava River, you can have the view of a lifetime from this castle. Another amazing attraction of Prague Castle is the old royal palace’s main hall.  This castle has so much to offer to the visitors including Royal Garden.  The best way to explore this amazing Castle is by walking on foot. For all those who are visiting this castle for the very first time, it is important for these people to visit the castle’s official website for news updates and different cultural events. When night falls then this magnificent Castle oozes an amazing range of hues.

The National Museum. 

If you are in Prague then make sure you visit the National Museum. It is included in the top places to visit in Spain and definitely in the top places to visit in Prague as well. This amazing national Museum has withstood 7 years-long renovation and after these hectic years of renovation it has turned out to be great, majestic and entirely splendid. This fantabulous Museum is spread across a number of locations and it has everything for everyone. It has an archaeological gem for archaeology lovers, minerals for mineralogy lovers and a lot of things for Anthropology and Zoology lovers as well.

Along with this if you like arts and music then you will find tons of beautiful collections in art and music as well. The fun fact about this splendid Museum is that in its entomology collection you can find more than 5 millions specimen. It is said that it is the oldest museum in the Czech Republic and that it was established in 1800.

Although the whole Museum is aesthetic to watch and it is very beautiful but if you want to see the best of the National Museum of Prague then you need to go to the section of archaeology. In the archaeology section, you will find the extensive collection of 1st and 2nd-century Roman artifacts. Along with this, you will also find a lot of bronze and early age iron. All those people who are into Technology should go to the technical section of the National Museum. Here you will find a million of documents that may tickle your technical bone in a beautiful way. National Museum is the main attraction of Prague and it is definitely included in the top places to visit in Spain

National Library of the Czech Republic 

The National Library of the Czech Republic is insanely famous and it is included in the top places to visit in Spain. You can find the National Library of the Czech Republic in the Clementinum. The Clementinum is basically the largest collection of historic buildings and one of its historic buildings is this amazing National Library. It is said that this library has more than 6 million books. It is huge, splendid and very Majestic.

For all those who love the history of the Czech Republic should come here to read about it. It is said that this library has copies of every book which has ever been published in the Czech Republic. It is exquisite, splendid and awesome to be in here reading the books which may soothe your mind.

The most amazing thing about this library apart from books is its beautiful ceiling artwork. It has a 68 meter tall astronomical tower which provides the visitors with beautiful views of Prague. it also has the supplanted mirror Chapel whose decor is simply to die for. Along with visiting the National Library of you can also attend several Jazz events, classical concerts, and festivals in Clementinum.

Prague is a beautiful city and it has everything for everyone. It has a library for Avid book readers. It has a museum for curiosity lovers and it has architectural Gems.

Along with this, the top places to visit in Prague are the bars. For the youth, this amazing city has so much to offer. If you are planning a vacation and you are not including Prague on your list then we can tell you that you are missing a big deal. Visit this amazing City for the experience of a lifetime.

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