What are the Best places to visit in Spain

The Best places to visit in Spain

Spain is the best place to visit if you have a nomad soul inside of you. This amazing city is a beautiful mix of coastal towns and incredible countryside. Here you can do a lot and today we are going to tell you about the best places to visit in Spain.

These places in Spain should be on your go-to list if you want to explore Spain.

Visit Segovia 

For all those who want to see the castle and who are big fans of Disney should come here to visit this beautiful place. Here lies the historic Alcazar Castle. The one thing about this castle is that it was the inspiration for Cinderella Palace in the Disney film. Apart from this, the castle is the main attraction of Segovia.

There are a lot of rumors which are associated with this amazing town. Some say that this town was founded by Hercules. This place is entirely Roman in architecture and it is creating inspirational and very pretty. Once in here you may feel addicted to this place and may not want to go back to your daily life.


Valencia is very famous for football but it is famous for so many other things as well. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and people say that it is the city of Arts and sciences. It has a very Mediterranean lifestyle and it is amazing and aesthetic to look at.

The best thing about Valencia is its food. Once in here, you can enjoy Paella. Other than this it is the best place if you want to enjoy nightlife and parties. Among the best places in Spain, this one surely tops the list.


Seville is basically the fourth largest and most visited city in Spain. This beautiful city also happens to be the capital of the Southern region of Andalusia.

The culture of this town is Moorish in nature and that is why it is the best place to visit in Spain. This amazing city is famous for one beautiful Palace which is called the Alcazar of Seville.

This place in Spain is also famous for a grand Cathedral which is the third-largest cathedral in the world. If you are into the general archives of the Indies then you can find tons of documents related to that in here as well. This city is traditional, aesthetic and small. It is full of city squares and it gives plenty of time to visitors to socialize and make new friends.


This one is the most charming place in Spain and there is no reason why you skip this place when you are on a visit to Spain.  

Comillas is full of cobbled streets and beautiful Plazas. It has many beautiful places where you can sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and wine in hand. The main attraction of this beautiful town is its two beaches and you can go there to relax your soul and mind whenever it is convenient for you. Apart from the other Spanish cities, this town is a little weird in terms of architecture. If you are one such person who is looking for eccentricities then this town is for you and you will see a lot of eccentric architecture here.

It is a beautiful place to visit and it is undoubtedly among the best places in Spain.


Spain and Madrid are almost synonyms to each other. Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is the city of class and sophistication. Madrid is big, huge, colorful and very vibrant. 

It is the best place if you want to shop in Spain and it consists of some of the best placesas well. One can do tons of things when one is in Madrid. This place has an energy which many other cities of Spain lack. Once in here then there is no chance that you are going to get bored.

During the daytime, you have options in Madrid to visit the most famous art galleries and when night falls then you can party in the most famous clubs in Madrid.

In here you will find tons of places where you can drink and dance to your heart’s fill. Along with this Madrid has the best hotels as well. The best thing about these hotels is that they are cheap but very comfortable and accommodative. 


Well, Malaga is the oldest city in Spain and it is said that this city was built some 2800 years ago. The Legend which is associated with this city is that Picasso was born here so it is also considered to be the city of Picasso.

Once in Malaga then you will find talent and art oozing out in your soul. This city is a city of art and together artists can get a lot of inspiration here. Malaga is small, sophisticated and silent during the daytime and in the daytime, you can go to different art galleries if you want to pass your time. At night this silent place comes to life and you can party at the bar close to your hotel when night falls. 

Malaga is the city of art and artists and because Picasso was born here so you’ll find tons of his art hanging in the city here and there.


Barcelona is that place which cannot be missed if you are in Spain and it is among the top places in Spain to visit. Barcelona is the beautiful Catalan capital and it is such a fun place to visit. This city has a very chilled out and classical way of life and is the best place if you want a weekend Getaway.

The best part of the city is the architecture which is Gothic in nature. Another amazing attraction of Barcelona is the sand beaches where you can go with your family to ease your soul and mind. Barcelona is basically a fun place and it has all the beautiful things combined in one place.

These are the best places in Spain to visit 

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