Top places in the Middle East to celebrate the new year

Top places in the Middle East to celebrate the new year

 The new year is that time of the year which is celebrated all over the world in different ways.  The celebration usually includes fireworks and parties.  On the New Year’s eve, people make resolutions to right their wrongs in the upcoming year.  People get an opportunity to learn from their past and make positive changes in their upcoming life in the next year that is why celebrating the new year is a significant part of the customs and traditions of various countries and religions or cultures.   On this day people visit those places that celebrate New Year’s to its fullest.  In the Middle East part of the world, there are a lot of significant places that glitter and shimmer the lives of people who visit these places on New Years, by providing them with the best ways of celebrating this time of the year.  If you plan on making your new year’s celebrations memorable then you should visit the following places located in the Middle East to celebrate new years. 

The Burj Khalifa Dubai United Arab Emirates

 When it comes to celebrating the new year in the Middle East the first place that comes to the mind of a person is the gigantic and glamorous Burj Khalifa located in Dubai.  On the New Year’s eve tallest buildings of the world displace a magnificent and enchanting explosion of Fireworks at midnight.  This wonderful display of lights and Fireworks makes you feel like you are in someplace magical.  People from all over the world gather around it for the cafes your surrounding bars to witness this extravagant display.  The dancing fountain water performances also leave the people in awe of its wonderfulness.  If you are planning on making this year’s vacations special then you must definitely visit this place.

Martyrs Square, Beirut Lebanon

 The Middle East is that part of the world that consists of hundreds and thousands of places that have the ability to make you feel special and warm.  Martyrs square located in Beirut  is one such place.  There is a famous saying about this place according to which this is one of those places that never get tired and that’s why never goes to sleep. There is always something amazing going around in this part of the world.  If you are looking for places to visit for, in order to celebrate New Years’ Eve parties then this is it. There are a number of restaurants hotels available here that will provide you with whatever you are looking for, also the Fireworks at midnight at this place like a Fairytale and you are going to love them. In addition to New Year’s Eve, the celebrations are complemented by an alive marching band and other festivities in order to make it memorable enough for you.  You definitely don’t want to miss it,  so grab your backpacks and cameras and witness the magic.

 Istanbul Turkey

 Turkey is considered to be one of the finest countries in the Middle East.  Istanbul is the capital city of this country and that’s why on New Year’s eve it is decorated and treated in a very special manner.  The city is not that crowded but is one of the most amazing destinations for New Year’s festivities.  Tourists from all over the world come to this city in order to experience the dazzling decorations and fireworks that this city offers.  So if you want to celebrate your new year by partying all night long then Istanbul is the place you should head towards.

Cairo Egyp

When you think of Egypt may be all that comes your mind is that and desert butt reality is quite the opposite.  With the evolution of time object has turned into one of the most glamorous and finest places on earth.  Cairo is the city of Egypt in which the new year celebrations are always at its peak. The Sakkara and Mariottia,  are the two Gardens located in Cairo, which are the perfect venues to celebrate new years.   Also, this city is filled with pubs where performers indigenous are available to make your new year’s remarkable one.  One cannot forget the Nile river located in Egypt, around which you can make a lovely voyage with a bottle of champagne and the love of your life.  last but not least you will be able to celebrate your new years around the world’s greatest wonders, Great Pyramids of Giza. 

Amman, Jordan 

They are a lot of places in the Middle East where you can celebrate new years but Amman is one such place that helps you celebrate this auspicious occasion in the ruins from history.  This is that part of the world that you want to capture on your cameras and post on Instagram. On the New Years,  this place is not just flooded with thrill and thunder but it also leaves you in wonder when you stop for a second and look at its historical construction.  The Boulevard located in Amman is the most buzzing place to be at.  Also, Arabic music takes you to a whole new level of Arabian Nights.  The best part about the eve parties that happened here is the Midnight fireworks. They are magnificent here.   In addition, the celebrations here will not let you rest even for a second so you have to grab your best shoes and dance your heart out. You can step into the next year by riding in the Wadi Dunes and by witnessing the panoramic views of the city while hiking on the gigantic mountains. 

All of these places have something special in store for you. These are the best places to visit in order to enjoy the festivities of the new year’s. You will be able to witness different cultures and there way of cherishing the New Year. So pack your bags,  buy your tickets, get on the plane and celebrate this new year in the most amazing ways possible. You will not be disappointed.

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