Places you never knew existed in the Middle East to celebrate the new year

 Places you never knew existed in the Middle East to celebrate the new year

 It is that time of the year where almost everyone is looking for a special kind of place to spend their quality time.  There are so many places on the map of the world, that it becomes quite hard to choose one such place where you think, everything will be perfect.  Let’s make things easier for you.  The Middle East is that part of the world which is usually considered as sand, dust, and desert. But the reality is otherwise.  There are plenty of places in the Middle East that can provide you solace and help you spend your new years in the best possible way.  You must be eager to spend your New Years Eve with your family or friends at a place that is not just magnificent to look at but also got the glittery glamour of bazaars, hotels, and pubs from where you can shop with your family as much as you can and get high with your friends. A lot of places in the Middle East comes with such packages that will make your new years eve, a roller coaster ride. You do not have to waste your time,  looking at the world map,  trying to figure out a place to spend the new years at.  Just pack your stuff and visit one of the following places. You will not be disappointed. 

Tuksim Square, Turkey 

Tuksim Square is the number one tourist spot, located in the capital of Turkey. It is that part of the City that never sleeps and always finds a way to entertain your interests.  This place is home to the best shopping and dining areas.  Not only this,  but the streets here are filled with rooftops and a large variety of cafes.  There are even antique shops where you can ancient and valuable stuff. If you are looking for a place to visit this new year,  then this is it.  On New Year’s Eve, the celebrations here are at its peak.  New year parties here will not let you rest even for a second.  The sky,  on the New Year’s Eve, is especially glorifying here because of the spectacular show of fireworks. This is the kind of place that you are looking for, to celebrate new years.  

Iberostar founty beach, Morocco 

Spending your day on the shore always comes with fond and warm memories.  This is something that almost every person on this earth cherishes. If you want to pamper yourself with your family or friends on this New Year,  then Ibero star found beach is the answer. It is one of the most extraordinary beach hotels in Agadir.  The services that it provides are simply amazing.  The classy and elegant architecture of this hotel will leave you in awe.  From the terrace or windows of your suite,  you’ll be able to look at the beach, all day long.  This is the perfect beachfront location and keeps you active with its amazing activities. In addition,  you can enjoy the spa services here and make yourself feel relaxed and light.  By staying at this place,  you will not only be able to witness the Moroccan culture, but you will also be able to look at the sky full of magic.  The festivities at this place come with a spectacular fireworks show in the sky.  People gather and light up lanterns.  You can even see their reflections in the sparkling water of the beach.  When you’ll visit this place,  you feel like you are in some kind of a fairy tale adventure. What else do you need to spend your New Year other than a magical adventure?  So,  get on the plane and fly straight to this amazing destination.

Wadi Rum

If you are not a fan of metropolitan cities and want to seek a natural environment to celebrate new years then Wadi Rum is the solution.  It is a giant Wadi,  characterized by granite,  sandstone and basalt mountains.  This area is not as such a densely populated area.  It became a tourist spot around 1984. People from all over the world come to Jordan,  only to visit Wadi Rum. If you want to spend your New Year in a different way other than the mainstream then this is one of the finest places you can head towards.  Don’t worry.  This place is not just sand or mountains.  

It is much more than that.  You can spend your New Years’ Eve on hot air balloons,  in the sky with the love of your life or with a bottle of champagne. The view from up there is so wonderful that it is beyond description. Not only this,  but there are also horse riding,  camel racing and moon gathering activities that take place here.  All you need is a good time guide and that’s it. You’ll be able to spend your New Year, touring one of the historical assets of the world. The best thing about this place is that it is closest to nature, away from the materialistic world.  There are no hotels, so camping is the ultimate solution.  Through this visit,  you’ll be able to interact with your family in a much pure and intimate manner and that is pretty much the best omen that you need before entering into the next year.  

The Middle East is that part of the world that is can provide comfort to those who prefer a metropolitan lifestyle, and also to those who want to meditate in a natural habitat.  From a simple lifestyle to a luxurious one,  everything is available here. If you want to spend your New Years, wandering in a desert,  or flying in the hot air balloons or floating in the boats in the River Nile, you got it in this part of the world. New Year should be spent exactly how you want it to be. You may go to a new year party or you can simply lay on the shore of the river and look at the sparkling stars.  The places in the Middle East have got exactly what you dream of. 

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