Main tourist attractions in Spain

Main tourist attractions in Spain 

Spain has a lot to offer and it offers all these things greatly graciously to all the people who come to visit it. 

Spain has the crowded beaches where people cams sip their drinks and can feel good about themselves. Spain has the ancient monuments which are the live proof of the strength of Romans and Moors. Spain has the mediaeval castles, it has the architect, the interior to die for. 

This magical city has the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Spain has a cultural mix of almost everything and this is the reason why it is the best place to visit if you are on a vacation or you just want to retire to good place to soothe your senses.

Today we are going to tell you about the main attractions of Spain. If you are planning to visit Spain then these are the best places to go to.

Visit Pamplona 

Pamplona is that city Spain which is famous for Bulls. Who can forget the amazing festival, the running of the Bulls. Pamplona is the city which holds this event. Every year from 6 July to 14th, the activity of  running of the bulls takes place in Pamplona. 

The Bull’s present such a sight when they are loose on the streets and chasing people of all ages. Pamplona is famous for this event but along with this, it is the best place to go to if you want to have the best coffee in the entire Spain.

Alhambra Palaces 

It doesn’t matter if you have seen this palace in stories or in TV, unless you see this amazing palace with your own eyes, you will never know what an amazing place this is.

Alhambra palace has a Moorish vibe and it has a capacity to take your breath totally away. This beautiful Palace came into being in the Spain’s Islamic period and it is still portraying the very best of Spain in a beautiful way.

The Alhambra palace has several buildings, huge towers, beautiful walls, gardens, mosque and the insanely delicate, intricate stone cravings. This amazing Palace has magnificent ceilings. 

The architecture of this palace is so great that one can stay glued at his place for a very long time after seeing this palace. It is the finest example of high Renaissance architecture in Spain.

For all those who want to have a peaceful respite should head here to this complex and should see the beauty of these amazing palaces.

The mosque of Cordoba

This is a principal mosque of Western Islam which is called mezquita. This mosque of Cordoba is the most famous mosque in the world and it is the main attraction to see if you are in Spain. It is said that the mosque of Cordoba is the largest mosque in the world and it has the finest and most beautiful architecture.

It is true that a Catholic Cathedral has been carved at the heart of this amazing mosque but still it is the splendid example of Islamic art and architecture in western Europe.

As far as the construction of this Mosque is concerned than the Roman material has been used in the construction of this amazing mosque. According to the resources the construction was started in 785 and it was completed around 1000 BC.

This mosque of Cordoba has 19 prayer halls and it has the most beautiful architecture. For all those who want to see this splendid mosque once-in-a-lifetime should come here to see the mosque of Cordoba.

The beauty of this Mosque is to die for and it is amazing in every true sense.

Seville Cathedral and Alcazar 

Combined, the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar forms a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you want to see The Masterpiece of an architect then it is important that you visit this amazing place once in a lifetime.

This Cathedral has more interior spaces then the St, Peter Roman Cathedral. Along with this it has a 37 main altar where statues are covered completely in gold. On the monument  rest the Tomb of Christopher Columbus. This beautiful cathedral of Seville begin its life as a minaret but now it is a most beautiful Cathedral to see in the whole world.

This place is beautiful to visit. It has amazing rooms and saloons and they are all breath-taking. For all those who want to take a joyful stroll in Spain should come to this amazing place. Along with splendid architecture this place has the finest orange and lemon trees. It is a splendour which should be witnessed by everyone.

The beaches of Costa Del Sol beaches 

Talking about the beaches of Costa Del SOL it is said that it is the sunniest place in Europe. Along with being the sunniest place, it is the most beautiful place of Spain as well. it is a beautiful respite for all those who love having a stroll on white sands.

It is said that Spanish people don’t enjoy much Sun and for all those who like bathing in Sun should come here to rest and relax. These beaches are the main attractions of Spain and they are the best for so many reasons. 

The sand here is tantalizing and it has a capacity to soothe your senses in a most beautiful way. The coasts of these beaches are alluring and when one is walking on the white sand then one is feeling as if he or she is walking on natural carpet.

There are beautiful houses around these beaches and they are all whitewashed. These beaches are a great stress buster for all those who are having a bad day or a bad life to say.

Near these beaches lies the golf valley. This amazing valley has 50 courses. When a person is done with beaches then one can go to these vallies to enjoy.

The above mentioned places are the main attractions of Spain and these places should be visited once in a lifetime.

They are amazing in every single sense.

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