Barcelona Travel Tips

Barcelona Travel Tips 

Spain is God’s creation on earth. It is a beautiful country and it has amazing cities. For all those who have an adventurous soul in their being should consider visiting Barcelona once in a lifetime. This beautiful city is a mix of wonderful things and there is no reason why you should miss on it when you are planning a vacation. Barcelona has a vibrant vibe, it has amazing food, beautiful historical architecture, fantabulous  weather, to die for beaches and undoubtedly the best nightlife. Today we are going to tell you about Barcelona Travel tips so you know what to consider before you head out for this beautiful city.

How much should you spend on a trip to Barcelona? What the budget should be?

It is a true thing that Barcelona is an expensive city but it is totally wrong to consider that it is too expensive to afford. Yes, Barcelona isn’t cheap but it is not expensive as well. If you are on a budget then we would suggest that you only spend 30 euro to 75 Euro a day when you are in Barcelona. For the planning purpose and for the start this is the good budget and if you keep this budget with your for a week then it is possible for you to visit the entire Barcelona in a week or so. Planning a budget is among the top Barcelona travel tips before anything else.

How long should you stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a beautiful city and there is so much to see in here. Mostly to explore this fantabulous City a visitor needs a week but we will suggest that you spend only 4 to 5 days in this city. Enjoy its famous nightlife, go to the beaches, explore some of the best attractions of Barcelona and then go back to your native country.

When should you go to Barcelona?

Technically Barcelona is live in the summers and summer is the best season to go to Barcelona. But being there in summer also mean that you will have to bear its sweltering 85 degree weather and along with this it is entirely possible that you don’t get much space. We will suggest that if you want to visit Barcelona then go there in winter. In winters the weather of Barcelona is mild and the beaches provide comfort and warmth. Winter is also that time in Barcelona when there is very low number of visitors so you will have plenty of time to observe the nature and sunset of Barcelona in a free state of mind. Spring and fall are also great weathers to visit Barcelona but again you may find tons of visitors in these Seasons. In Barcelona travel tips we will suggest that visit this beautiful city in winters.

What’s best about Barcelona ?

When a person visit a certain City then he or she visit it because of the main attractions. It is important to consider the best things in Barcelona which you are going to see if you are planning a vacation to this city. Let’s explore what’s are the good things here.

The aesthetic nature of the city 

No one can deny the fact that Barcelona is aesthetic, it is the beautiful city and it has the most impressive architecture in all of Europe. If you are one such person who likes exploring cities on food then Barcelona has the potential to provide you with visual treats every other mile. Beauty and aesthetic nature of Barcelona are the two things which make it worth a visit.

The beaches 

Talking about Barcelona travel tips we would suggest that you should not miss the beaches of Barcelona when you are in this city. The beaches here are to die for and Barcelona is also rated as the best beach city in the world. If you are in Barcelona then make sure you don’t miss the beaches because beaches are definitely the main attraction of this beautiful city.

The Night life 

The nomads and the youth can have an experience of a lifetime if they plan a visit to Barcelona because this city provides amazing nightlife. The nightlife in Barcelona is the main reason why people flock to Barcelona in numbers. After 10 p.m. this city is alive, vibrant, colourful and very pretty. You can eat in a restaurants until midnight, you can dance to your fill until 2:00 a.m. In some Bars it is also possible to drink until early morning. If clubbing is your thing then Barcelona is definitely your desired option.


Basically the entire Spain is famous for museums but you will get the best of museums in Barcelona. In Barcelona travel tips it is important that you consider visiting a museum because they are simply the best in here.

What is not so great about Barcelona?


Barcelona is definitely not the place for those who want to enjoy a silent journey somewhere. Most of the time Barcelona is noisy because it is one of the most visited cities in Europe. This city is so overcrowded with visitors and tourists that it is not possible to stand still even at some places. Because of the overloading of tourists the weather of Barcelona stays warm and clumsy. If you are one such person who is not into noise and people then Barcelona is definitely not your option.

Barcelona is not very Safe 

Well, talking about Barcelona travel tips if you are planning to travel solo to Barcelona then we will suggest that you cancel your visit right away. Barcelona is not a very safe place for people who want to travel solo and for women because this place is crowded most of the year. There are chances that someone will steal your purse or someone will pick your pocket. This city is filled with people so there is risk.

We have told you about the best Barcelona travel tips before you head out to this beautiful city it is important that you consider all these options. Barcelona is a beautiful city but it is filled with tourists as well. Read well why you need to visit it and why you don’t.

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