Starter Guide for Job Seekers on Social Media

Looking for a job after a long time can be a great challenge for you. Most of the people who haven’t changed their jobs or looked for a job in previous years not find it hard to get considered for a good job due to their no social media visibility. Right now everything is going online on social media platform from the job posting to hiring and much more. CareerBuilder did a survey in 2016 that revealed that 59% of hiring managers look for the job candidates on search engines. No presence online will lead you to isolation from the job market. Resource officer of CareerBuilder Rosemary Haefner mentioned that Facebook and Twitter enable employers to know the applicants more and out of their resume and it’s not unusual to see more uses of social media in recruitment.job finding through social media

Here you have a guide that will help you in making the ultimate use of social media platforms for your recruitment. Before that, you need to specify the use of the platform. You can use it to develop relationships and to showcase your practical knowledge and skills.

Looking for Job on LinkedIn

For all active professionals, LinkedIn is a mush profile that needs to be present there to fetch a nice job and secure the ultimate position. It is your digital resume that reaches out to the employer before you get there for the interview. No matter if you are not on any other social media platform. Make sure to have this profile and that too totally updated. This will let the hiring manager know about your interests and approach towards the field.

Looking for Job on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that lets you follow the people you want to know about. It’s not just about the people but the business, news and much more. Even if you are not able to get each and every detail about what’s happening. You can get the notifications from the Twitter platform that will help you to move forward with the things and get the ultimate updates about your relevant field. Moreover, here you can provide insights into the topics and matters that can be followed by employers easily.

Looking for Job on Periscope

It is a live featured app owned by Twitter that lets you live stream about the events and insights on location. This can help you to provide the live coverage potentially anyone around the globe. You can let the people follow you and provide them with all the updates you want them to have. Most of the time news media and celebrities use this app to let the audience have some behind the scenes.

Looking for Job on Instagram

A picture is much better than 100 words. It happens that most of the time you are unable to express the situation and emotion through words but the picture. Instagram provides you the ultimate medium of photo sharing using the hashtags and let the world know about your behind the scenes, feels, achievements and much more. For hiring managers, this platform is ultimately helpful to know about the candidate’s activities and achievements. You can simply get optimized with search engines when posting your Instagram pictures and someone who wants to know you professionally will get to you through this.

Looking for Job on Facebook

Using facebook professionally seems to be a hard job as it is hard to manage whether you are going personal and professional. It requires a lot of efforts but remembers that employers want to know about your personal life too. But, not everything you can get them to know. So, make a deal out of the situation and use some filters and tags to keep the professional and personal things posted on Facebook. This will be helping you to manage the things accordingly and avoid any confusion.

Most of the people don’t want to get connected to their coworkers on Facebook. They perceive it as a safe side but this can be damage too. The connection on social media will let you get little closer and have a better relationship with the colleagues that can eventually help you to work comfortably with them.

Get started with your choices

You have all the platforms available out there and these all are essential to have your online profile. The mentioned are the basic platforms that help you to get started with the things. Once you are done with the basics then it’s time to move forward to the other established authority in your fields such as blogging, YouTube, podcasting and much more. Online platform offers you a wide wing to get connected to many people out there, this will help you to make more of connections and communicate well. Make sure to select the platforms wisely and move with it frequently.

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