Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia latest updates

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

The 2019–20 Pandemic spread of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia latest updates was confirmed on March 2, 2020. The kingdom’s health ministry has announced 1,203 coronavirus infections and 8 deaths from the infection so far because it scrambles to restrict the spread of the disease.

Death Cases  Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia latest updates

Saudi Arabia showed its first coronavirus-associated dying on Tuesday, a 51-year-old Afghan resident who succumbed to Covid-19 in Medina. A 2nd loss of life was said to occurred on Wednesday, a 46-year-old across a resident of Mecca.

 Infection Trend of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia 

Disease occurrence amongst men (260 instances [62%]) was much more in men than in women (162 cases [38%]), and the case fatality fee was better for men (52%) than for women (23%). Also, those within the 45–59 years and ≥60 years.

The highest case fatality rate was inside the 

  • Eastern Region (92%)
  • Medinah (36%)
  • Najran (33%). 

MERS-CoV contamination actively causes disorder in environments with low relative humidity (<20%) and high temperature (15°C–35°C) 

Curfew in Saudi Arabia 

Due to Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, the government on Sunday blocked access and exit into Jeddah and taken ahead of a curfew within the port city because it attempts to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. Saudi Arabia implemented identical measures to Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina on Thursday for an initial 21 days.

Holy sites closure to prevent Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia 

One of the most dreadful and painful situations that arose due to Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, was the closure of the Holy sites as well as Mosques for prayers.

  • On 27 February 2020, Saudi Arabia began the transient suspension of access for individuals looking to perform the Umrah pilgrimage in the Great Mosque of Mecca or to go to the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, in addition to tourists. The rule was also prolonged to visitors touring from countries in which SARS-CoV-2 posed a risk.
  • On 5 March, Saudi Arabia announced a temporary day by day closure of the Great Mosque for sterilization purposes.
  • On 19 March, Saudi Arabia suspended the preservation of everyday prayers and the weekly Friday prayers outside and inside them. 
  • On 20 March, Saudi Arabia suspended entry and prayers to the overall public at the two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina.

Customs Control 

On 28 February, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia introduced the brief suspension of entry for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens to Mecca and Medina. Citizens of the GCC who had been in Saudi Arabia for extra than 14 non-stop days and didn’t display any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 could be excluded from this rule.

 Lockdown Areas 

On eight March, the Saudi Arabian government announced that it was briefly halting all transport inside and out of Qatif on its eastern coast, although Qatif residents will be permitted to enter the territory. Cement blocks have been reportedly placed as roadblocks on the primary avenue leading to the area. The country’s indoor ministry stated that every one individual with confirmed cases in the country had been from Qatif.

 Control Measures to Restrict Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia 

  1. Saudi Ministry announced that the 2020 Saudi Olympics Games that was set to be hung on 23 March till 1 April. Each one sports competition might be suspended until the notice of the closure of all stadiums, sports centers, and gyms.
  2. On 8 March, the Saudi Ministry of Education announced that all things will be closed in Saudi Arabia including all 
  1. colleges and universities
  2. academic institutions
  3. enjoyment parks
  4. restaurants
  5. along with public and private faculties
  6. technical and vocational schooling institutions.
  1. Ministry also announced that they would be banning all social events, consisting of funerals and weddings.
  2. Closure of all purchasing malls, restaurants, espresso shops, and public parks except for pharmacies and supermarkets was announced on 15 March.
  3. The oil-wealthy kingdom unveiled economic stimulus measures amounting to 120bn riyals ($32bn) to support organizations and stated it planned to raise borrowing to 50 percent of GDP.

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